Evusheld could mean freedom for the 500,000 people still shielding in the UK. But only if the UK government procures it. This page details the testimony of overseas patients who have received Evusheld and have, as a result, got their lives back.

Diane, the blood cancer patient

I’m Diane, a stage four blood cancer patient who created no antibody response to three vaccines due to my type of cancer and its treatment.

I’ve been able to attend medical appointments, hug loved ones, and carefully visit family I hadn’t seen in years, feeling much safer and more relaxed. Evusheld has been a game changer for many of us in the immunocompromised community who have long borne the brunt of the pandemic.

We hope our friends in the UK soon get the opportunity to feel more protected as the pandemic continues on and we immunocompromised remain amongst the most vulnerable.cancer and the serious hit my immune system took from chemo put me at much higher risk of death or serious illness from Covid and I was defenseless against it.

In fact, the only two patients I knew with this cancer, both double vaccinated, died brutally of Covid during the Delta wave, intubated and alone. Since the beginning of the pandemic I’ve shielded to safe my life, missing holidays, births, funerals, seeing my young grandchildren, and so much more. I received the gift of Evusheld on Christmas Eve, 2021. It gave me Covid-fighting antibodies in the normal range of an immunocompetent person, finally.

While I still live a cautious and masked life, I no longer fear dying from a disease far more insidious than my cancer.

Steve, the US heart transplant recipient

In my early 60s I had been quite frightened even to go to doctors appointments. Then I received Evusheld. The statistical benefit of this product and the encouragement of knowledgeable physicians in the US gave me the confidence to feel that it was much less likely for me to be seriously ill or worse if I happened to get infected. That was crucial to me. Since I received Evusheld, it has been recommended by many more physicians with at least one calling it a 'game changer' for the immunocompromised.

Susan, US with graft-versus-host disease

Similar to others, I was quite nervous about going out under any circumstances... complicated by the fact that I only received two doses of Pfizer due to a GVHD flare after the second. With all the positive stats and info from physicians, I now feel much more comfortable attending doctors appointments, PT, occasional shopping (with masks) etc. It has significantly changed by concerns about getting COVID-19 and the dire outcomes that could occur prior to Evusheld.

Marjorie, US supporter of family member with kidney transplant

My husband had a kidney transplant and had no antibodies after three vaccines and two booster shots. Evusheld has given us the opportunity to go places masked and has allowed us to have some semblance of a life. His doctor has encouraged us to be safe yet feels confident that the Evusheld has given him enough protection that, should be contract Covid, he can be successfully treated with additional monoclonal antibodies.

Julie, the Addison's patient on the Evusheld trial

I am 47 and have Addison's Disease, a rare autoimmune condition, alongside several other health conditions. The steroid medication I take for the Addison's makes me immunosuppressed.

I joined the UK Provent trial in Jan 2021. Unfortunately, I only received the placebo in the main trial, however I was invited to join their sub-study, which is assessing the benefit of giving booster doses of Evusheld, early this year. I received my first dose of Evusheld in February and will receive a second dose in August. Having Evusheld has given me confidence to carefully get back to a 'normal' life. I have been into shops, eaten out, been to the cinema, attended a family wedding and even two music concerts! In April, my husband and daughter tested positive, yet I managed to remain covid-free!

My wish is that all immunosuppressed patients in the UK can receive this prophylactic drug without further delay,

Sandy, US vasculitis patient

I am an extremely immune compromised individual due to the medications I take for Vasculitis, and due to Common Variable Immune Deficiency.

I had 3 full Moderna vaccines and thanks to research, I know that I gained no antibodies against Covid. I remained isolated for 2+ years.

I was thrilled when I learned I was eligible for Evusheld. After my first dose I had gained substantial antibody protection against Covid. Four months later I still retain this.

Because of this protection, I feel much less stressed! My physicians have given my husband and I permission to take a River Cruise, with safety precautions. Evusheld has made this dream a reality!

Celine, France

Alors c est très simple, je n ai pas eu le choix on me l a imposé. 2 injections dans le muscle fessier. Une à droite une à gauche. J ai été greffé le 15 février 2021 don de moelle osseuse. C'est après que j ai eu 3 injections du vaccin et ensuite injection evuscheld.

Au niveau anti corps je n ai apparemment pas développé assez anti corps. Mais jusque là je n ai pas eu le covid.

Alors suis je protégée quand même......🤔. Je ne pense pas avoir d effets secondaires. J ai beaucoup de douleurs osseuses , mais ce n est pas du aux injections au vu de mon hématologue, plus au sevrage médicamenteux vu que je n ai plus d immuno suppresseur.

So it's very simple, I had no choice, it was imposed on me. 2 injections in the gluteal muscle. One on the right one on the left. I was transplanted on February 15, 2021 bone marrow donation. This is after I had 3 injections of the vaccine and then evuscheld injection.

At the anti-body level, I apparently did not develop enough anti-bodies. But so far I haven't had covid.

So am I protected anyway......🤔 I don't think I have any side effects. I have a lot of bone pain, but it's not due to injections in view of my hematologist, more to drug withdrawal since I no longer have an immunosuppressant.

Eva, Hungary

I can't tell you much more I already have told... 5 years ago I received a new liver and a new kidney (after 14 month dialyses). It means I am immunosuppressed and have to visit the Clinic four times a year to check my functions. I have worked before and after the transplantation and now too. Since Covid in home office. I received 4 Pfizer vacccine, but I didn't developed enough antibodies. In May this year I was infected with Omicron, after visiting the Netherlands (after two years Hungary...). It could have been worse, but it lasted 4-5 weeks. And no antibodies after it.

By my last visit at the Clinic it was offered to me a shot for getting antibodies if I wish. I didn't know anything about Evusheld but I agreed in order to be able to go to my office, to the theatre and to concerts again.

Bianca Willoughby, Performance Artist in her 60s, Kidney Recipient from Sydney Australia.

I am a performance artist from Australia and am on strong immunosuppressants to preserve my kidney transplant that I received in 2014, after years fighting the Hep C virus (from 1997) and being on dialysis (since 2004) for kidney failure. I spent most my life fighting chronic illness and have only really felt physically able to live the life I want to, and develop my performance career to a standard I am happy with, in the last few years, now that. So, it has been challenging wrestling with the awareness, ever since the start of the pandemic of how getting Covid would be major bad news for me. Game over. I’ve only really begun to live my life even though I’m now in my 60s; I don’t want to be seen as disposable.

With the first wave of Covid the rate of deaths for people with my medical background were 1 in 3. So I shielded strictly, masked up, and got all five covid vaccines at the earliest opportunity. We knew our immunosuppression meant vaccines may not offer us the same effective protection, but the possibility of some protection was better than nothing. Then, a devastating piece of news: at my latest outpatient renal appointment my doctor was very concerned and distressed: since the start of 2022 there has been an uptick of kidney patients ending up in ICU and dying from Covid. All 5x vaccinated. The latest variants have rendered our Covid vaccines completely ineffective. Covid is still dangerous for us immunosuppressed. I was only just beginning to tentatively get back into creating art and preparing for shows so this was a shock.

At the same appointment my renal doctor told me about Evusheld, and because Australia has purchased some, was able to book me in ASAP to get a double dose. It has been such a relief to be advocated for by my renal doctor and be given appropriate care and comparable prophylaxis to that provided to those who are immunocompetent by the vaccines. My life has been haunted by many viruses but Covid is the one that is the deadliest for people like me. I’m particularly medically vulnerable due to being on both immunosuppressants and hormone medication. Evusheld gives me the support I need to be safely transitioning towards ‘normal life’. I’m glad I have been able to access Evusheld at this time, as I have exhibitions in Melbourne, in Canada, and in Sydney coming up in the next few months and year. Time is of the essence in the art world, and it means everything to me for show to go on!